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Our History

Modera Coffee - "coffee for everyone" is Bulgarian brand established in 2009 by three ingenious entrepreneurs from Varna. The absence of quality and great taste of coffee that matches their expectations, drove them to do a brave thing - make their own. They dream of a place, where fresh coffee selection with great taste and flavor is served in a cozy aesthetic atmosphere. A place that mixes the comfort of home and the elegance of the business, a place for meeting with friends, a place affordable for everyone.In the next few months the idea of Modera Coffee is expanding at high velocity, and the three entrepreneurs opened their first cafeteria followed by seven more.

Today there are 8 cafes in the three largest cities in Bulgaria - Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna.

We have our own brand high quality coffee selection product of hard work of well known experts. We strive to offer our customers the best coffee and coffee beverages to satisfy their need for the emotion entitled Modera coffee. Our goal is to discover and offer new environment friendly products, most consistent with the preferences and tastes of our customers. The quality of coffee is an essential part of our success. Each cup of coffee is served with a unique, remarkable and mild aftertaste.


The secret of success

Extraordinary success and rapid growth caught up quickly Modera Coffee brand and put to owners new challenges: to implement the highest standards in baking, preparation and sale of Modera Coffee to offer the most sophisticated and high-quality coffee, turning each cup into a unique experience to satisfy the wildest desires of our customers and bringing new flavor in their dynamic lives. Challenge to prevent brand Modera Coffee transform into a mass commodity.

The secret of success lies in the fact that each cup of temptation is carefully and diligently created and presented to our customers with a smile, garnished with love. We rely on a comprehensive plan to train our baristas, providing them with all the knowledge and skills necessary for creating the perfect cup of coffee. They should have a set of key attributes - passion for coffee, striving for excellence, and most importantly, individuality and personal style that matches the high standards of Modera Coffee. Maintenance of quality and standards set in the policy of the brand does not stop with the end of the training of a baristas! Continuous monitoring is being provided in order to keep the high image cafeterias.

Modera Coffee is a symbol of joy and rest, occasion to reflect, inspiration, a wonderful ritual, a time for business or friendly conversation, time for a smile, or just one of the things you can not live without.


Modera's style

Choosing the perfect design and decor of the coffee shop is not just a matter of aesthetics! Synergy of comfort and functionality, luxury and coziness is important not only for customers but also for staff.

The perfect balance, not only symbolizes but also accommodates the typical vibrant and attractive atmosphere of the preferred cafeteria. Both the interior and exterior of the cafeteria are a symbol of elegance, comfort, luxury, hospitality and modernism.So we created Modera-style. Impact ... Excellence ... Distinctiveness ...

We attend your mornings, gatherings, meetings, vacations, important moments, walking, your taste ...